Disney Vacation Tips #15

Shani's Disney Vacation Tips #15


Disney Cruise Line stateroom number
Disney Cruise Line stateroom number

When you get to your stateroom on a Disney Cruise, don’t forget your room number! Here are some easy ways to keep it with you!

When sailing on a Disney Cruise Line vacation, you receive a Key to the World card to wear on a lanyard. This acts as your room key and credit card while onboard as well as your dining information. For safety, it doesn’t have your stateroom number, because if you lost it, the person who finds it would know to which room it belongs.

Photos are a great way to keep visual reminders of things, such as which section you parked your car in a parking lot. But on a Disney Cruise, why not take a photo of your stateroom number so you have it with you during your cruise.

For kids or passengers without a mobile phone, you can write down the room number on a piece of paper, but it wouldn’t be a good practice to keep it with the Key to the World card. That is, unless you encrypt it! For example, if your room number is 8030, you can write a note like “Mom’s phone 555-8030” or simply something like “Password: 19558030.”
Of course, you can always just go to the friendly Disney cast members for assistance, but with these simple ideas, you won’t have to take any time away from your vacation if your mind is still on the buffet and not the number of your stateroom!