Letterhead for Disneyland’s first fabulous decade

Letterhead for Disneyland's tencennial celebration
Letterhead for Disneyland’s tencennial celebration

If you received a press release 60 years ago from Disneyland about their tenth anniversary celebration, the above is the letterhead you would see.  The “tencennial” celebration saw the premiere of “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln,” which was still enjoying great success at the New York World’s Fair, the opening of the beautiful Plaza Inn restaurant at the end of Main Street, and at Christmastime, the debut of “Fantasy on Parade.” This was also the year Disneyland’s 50 millionth Guest passed through the gates!

Walt Disney’s biggest frustration that year were costs going up because he didn’t want park admission to be raised, and the fact that he didn’t buy more land surrounding Disneyland. He paid $4,500 an acre, but by 1965, the land was now selling for $8,500 an acre.

Music was in abundance at Disneyland in 1965, with the big name big bands performing led by the legendary leaders including Tommy Dorsey, Harry James and Duke Ellington among others. The park also held their folk music Hootenannies, the annual Dixieland at Disneyland, and the Humdingers shows featured popular rock ‘n’ roll of the day.