IMPORTANT Disney message during this presidential election

I hate politics and I do not feel that my website is a place for it. I am not endorsing any presidential candidate, however, with a political debate looming tonight, I feel a great responsibility to post a video that was created as a public service during World War II. It is not my practice to post copyrighted materials that do not belong to me, but since this was created as a service to Americans in a crucial time, I felt compelled to share this important message.

Disney’s Academy-Award nominated “Reason and Emotion” shows how people, persuaded by their emotions, can throw reason right out the window. Do not make that mistake when voting!

I urge you to watch this video, and tonight during the debate, or at any time before the election that you hear a candidate make a promise that sounds like it will make your life or your country better, don’t follow your emotions based on words that promise to make your life or your country your ideal. Look for the facts. Just because a candidate says something, does not make it fact. Look for proof, research, and question it.

I thank you for taking the time to view Disney’s profoundly important message during this time.


During this 2016 presidential election, PLEASE watch this important, though entertaining, film produced by Disney during World War II
During this 2016 presidential election, PLEASE watch this important, though entertaining, film produced by Disney during World War II